The Board

Joseph Scalia III

Joseph Scalia is a practicing psychoanalyst in Livingston, Montana. He was President of Montana Wilderness Association from 2006-2008, and served on its State Council for seven years.


Clint Nagel

Clint has worked with the U.S. Geological Survey and has traveled to several U.S. states with work involving water quality and the National Stream Qulity Accounting Network. Clint and his wife spend their time volunteering and being on boards for various groups and organizations within the Bozeman community. Clint is currently on several boards of conservation related organizations.

Vice President

Ruth Angeletti

Ruth is an advocate for wilderness, wildlife, and education. She is a retired bio-analytical chemist with focus ranging from neuroscience to infectious diseases.

Joe Gutkowski

Joe was born in Wilkes-Barre, PA and was raised as a Pennsylvania deer hunter, trout fisherman and berry picker, hickory nut, walnut, hazelnut, butternut, and American chestnut gatherer. He worked for the USFS for 32 years as a Smoke Jumper and Landscape Architect and has been a life long environmentalist and defender of public lands.

Linda Healow

Linda was raised in eastern NE and attended Montana State University, obtaining her BSN in 1977. Linda chose Montana for its large landscapes and sparse population, spending as much time as possible in wild lands, her favorite being the greater Yellowstone area and recognizes wilderness as the gold standard for survival of ecosystems in the northern Rockies region and throughout the west.

Phil Knight

Phil lives on the northern edge of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in Bozeman, Montana with his wife Alaina and has dedicated himself to preserving and defending wild places and free roaming creatures since 1986.

Anne Millbrooke

Ann is a historian, outdoor enthusiast, and environmental activist who has won Smithsonian, National Science Foundation and NASA fellowships and has written in support of conservation.

Glenn Monahan

Glenn lives in Bozeman, and enjoys many outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, xc skiing, and ice boating and is committed to preserving the wilderness of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

Nancy Ostlie

Nancy lives in Bozeman and enjoys hiking and cross-country skiing. Her origins in eastern Dakota farm country made for a keen appreciation for wild mountain country in the three other Western states that have since been home to her family and has advocated for Wilderness in the northern Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for eight years.

Nancy Schultz

Nancy lives in Bozeman, and enjoys many outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, cross country skiing and watching wildlife.

George Wuerthner

George is an ecologist who has published 38 books and has founded and sits on the boards of several important conservation projects.

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