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2022 Articles

October 13th - Joseph Scalia, Strive for full, open debate on environmental issues, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

October 4th - George Wuerthner, A Fool’s Errand: Trying to Influence Fire by Logging, Counterpunch

September 6th - George Wuerthner & Phil Knight, Expand the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness, The Wildlife News

August 9th - Bill Ripple et el., Rewilding the American West, BioScience

August 3rd - George Wuerthner, Defending the Big Wild, Counterpunch

July 27th - Mike Bader, Backcountry Dealing-Making on Montana Wilderness, Counterpunch

July 26th - Amanda Eggert, Where will all the wildlife go?, Montana Free Press

July 25th - George Wuerthner, Alternatives to Wilderness? Not Needed., The Wildlife News

June 29th - Horejsi, Wuerthner, Bader & Gilbert, Guest view: Relocate the Old Gardiner Road, Montana Standard

June 21st - Mike Bader, Wild Green Washing Machines, CounterPunch

June 13th - Justin Franz, Yellowstone National Park closed as rivers rise in southern Montana, Montana Free Press

June 13th - Mike Bader, Viewpoint: Bitterroot project a bait and switch, Missoula Current

June 5th - George Wuerthner, Viewpoint: Bitterroot project a bait and switch, The Wildlife News

May 24th - Joseph Scalia, Must Environmental Leaders Conform? Or Dare We Actually Lead?, ReWilding Earth

May 18th - George Wuerthner, Gratitude for National Parks, Counterpunch

May 16th - Todd Wilkinson, Grizzlies Around Yellowstone Are Entering A Big Squeeze, Mountain Journal

May 12th - George Wuerthner, Conservation Groups Threaten To Sue On East Paradise Grazing Decision, The Wildlife News

April 27th - George Ochenski, Why is Environmental Protection a Partisan Issue?, Counterpunch

April 23rd - George Wuerthner, Montana’s Bitterroot Front Project More FS Snake Oil, The Wildlife News

April 22nd - Mike Garrity, Protect Old Growth and Mature Forests, Counterpunch

April 10th - Nancy Schultz, Daines, Risch off base in column about wolves, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

April 10th - George Wuerthner, George Wuerthner: Yellowstone the shining beacon for conservation, Billings Gazette

April 9th - Bill Schneider, Are conservation purists really the problem?, Daily Montanan

April 6th - Clint Nagel, Wilderness 'purists' aren't in it for personal gain, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

April 5th - Todd Wilkinson, Outdoor Recreation Equals Conservation: Debunking The Myth, Mountain Journal

April Issue - George Wuerthner, Yellowstone National Park At 150: Still A Remarkable Achievement, National Parks Traveler

April 1st - Mike Garrity, What are the Greater Yellowstone Coalition’s Ethics Worth?, Counter Punch

March 28th - Paige Williams, Killing Wolves to Own the Libs?, The New Yorker

March 24th - Christopher Ketcham, Is clear-cutting U.S. forests good for wildlife?, National Geographic

Spring 2022 - Vaia Errett, Keep It Wild, Outside Bozeman

February 20th - George Ochenski, Montana’s Republican politicians ignoring voters’ conservation priorities, Independent Record

February 19th - George Wuerthner, “Conservation” Groups Cheer Recreation over Wilderness Protection, The Wildlife News

February 10th - George Wuerthner, Follow the Money, The Wildlife News

February 8th - Deb Haaland, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland Speaks Up On Wolves, But Is It Enough?, Mountain Journal

February 4th - George Wuerthner, Custer-Gallatin National Forest Plan is a Disappointment, The Wildlife News

January 26th - University of British ColumbiaData from thousands of cameras confirms protected areas promote mammal diversity, Science Daily

Winter 21/22- Joe Gutkoski Mountain Mystery, Outside Bozeman

January 5th - Joseph ScaliaGuest opinion: Greens making unacceptable compromises, Billings Gazette

2021 Articles

December 29th - George WuerthnerParadise Lost? Custer Gallatin NF Approves Expansion of Grazing by Yellowstone, The Wildlife News

December 22nd - George WuerthnerStart treating Yellowstone bison the way they deserve, BDC

December 22nd - Sara JohnsonRivers are Protected When We Protect Our Forests, Counterpunch

December 16th - George WuerthnerGuest View: Forests on public lands should be carbon reservoirs, Register Guard

December 15th- George WuerthnerAnother Yellowstone Bison Slaughter, The Wildlife News

December 15th - Mike GarrityBig Victory for Grizzly Bears and Wild, Free-Roaming Elk in Montana, Counterpunch

December 8th- Todd WilkinsonMeet a Conservation Group That Goes Where Most Fear To Tread, Mountain Journal

December 3rd - Stephen CapraDemocrats and the Wolf Slaughter, Counterpunch

November 29th - Steve Kelly Sen. Tester’s Wilderness Act Doesn’t Go Far Enough, Counterpunch

November 7th - George WuerthnerInfrastructure Bill Promotes Subsidized Logging, The Wildlife News

November 3rd - Joseph ScaliaCan the Wolf Unite Us? Environmental Leadership in Polarized Times, Counterpunch

October 22nd - Phil KnightWhat Will It Take to Wake Us Up?, Counterpunch

October 8th - Howie WolkeWhy We Need Big Holistic Wilderness, Counterpunch

September 22nd - Jim FurnishForest Service "Debacle" In Black Hills Must Not Be Repeated Elsewhere, Mountain Journal

September 22nd - Mike GarrityClearcutting Yellowstone, Counterpunch

September 11th - John PotterBozeman, Montana: Capital Of The New Unwild West?, Mountain Journal

August 18th - Phil KnightMeditations on Loving the Land, Counterpunch

August 17th - Todd Wilkinson Last Trek Of The Human Wolverine, Mountain Journal

August 16th - Joseph Scalia Wildness Ought To Make Us All The Wiser, Mountain Journal

August 12th - George Wuerthner Wild Bison Restoration, Rewilding Earth

August 11th - George WuerthnerGood Fire / Bad Fire: a False Paradigm, Counterpunch

July 22nd - Stephen Capra The federal government must step in to save America's wolves, The Hill

July 20th - Multiple Authors, In The Bull's Eye: A Human Swarm Is Overwhelming The Yellowstone Region, Mountain Journal

July 9th - George Wuerthner, Thinning Nuance, Counter Punch

June 27th - George Ochenski, Montana is melting thanks to fossil fuel-addicted politicians, Independent Record

Summer 2021 - Joseph Scalia, The Inherent Trauma of Conservation, Bozeman Outside

June 25th - George Wuerthner, It's Time We Change How We Talk About Wildfire, The Hill

June 11th - Amanda Eggert, The Crazhy Mountains' Next Act, Montana Free Press

June 2nd- Helena Dore, Timber project in north Bridgers to begin this week, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

May 25th- George Wuerthner, Nuance in Wildfire Policy is Badly Needed, Counterpunch

May 25th- George Wuerthner, Wildfire legislation misses the mark, Independent Record

May 14th- Mike Garrity, Big and Bad National Forest Clearcuts Continue, Counterpunch

May 14th- Dana Johnson, Wilderness and the Value of Doing Nothing, Counterpunch

May 11th- Ted Zukoski, Forest service is flunking Biden's science test, The Hill

April 23rd- Dorothy Bradley, We can all step up for one last call of the wild, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

April 15th- Damion Carrington, Just 3% of world’s ecosystems remain intact, study suggests, The Guardian

April 7th- Beverly Law & William, Moomaw, Curb climate change the easy way: Don't cut down big trees,

April 7th - Todd Wilkinson & Tom Sadler, What Toll On Wildness When Humans Want It All?, Mountain Journal

April 4th - Cathy Whitlock, Montana's WSAs must be part of climate-smart conservation, Missoulian

April 1st - George Wuerthner, Antidote For Rural Sprawl–Land Use Zoning, The Wildlife News

March 31st - Todd Wilkinson, Wildlife's Most Ferocious Predator: Human Sprawl, Mountain Journal

April 2021 - Christopher Ketcham, The Business of Scenery, Harper's Magazine

From the Board

Joseph Scalia III, It’s Not too Late to Protect the Wild Gallatins, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Joseph Scalia III, The Passing of the Wild Gallatins, Missoulian

Joseph Scalia III, Yellowstone Imperiled by Compromise, Counterpunch

Joseph Scalia III, Conserving Politics or Conserving Nature?, Counter Punch

Joseph Scalia III, We Need Wilderness With No Apologies and No Regrets, Mountain Journal

Joseph Scalia III, Wilderness without Compromise in the Gallatin Range, Wilderness Podcast, Greater Yellowstone Miniseries

Joseph Scalia III, Guest Opinion: We have time to shape future of the Gallatin Range, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Joseph Scalia III & George Wuerthner, Save the Wild Gallatins!, Wilderness Podcast

George Wuerthner, Protecting the Northern Yellowstone Ecosystem, The Wildlife News

George Wuerthner, How Livestock Impact Ecosystems, The Wildlife News

George Wuerthner, Indigenous Burning: Myth and Realities, The Wildlife News

George Wuerthner, Historical Lessons of Successful Conservation Movements, The Wildlife News

George Wuerthner, Trouble in Paradise Valley, Counterpunch

George Wuerthner, Wilderness and Cows, The Wildlife News

George Wuerthner, Forest Restoration or Forest Degradation, The Wildlife News

George Wuerthner, Greatest Good is to Preserve Forest Carbon, Counter Punch

George Wuerthner, Logging Project Won’t Reduce Chances of Large Fire, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

George Wuerthner, Lionhead Proposed Wilderness, The Wildlife News

George Wuerthner, ‘Temporary’ Roads Cause More Than Temporary Damage, The Spokesman-Review

George Wuerthner, A Conversation with George Wuerthner, Wilderness Podcast

George Wuerthner, Guest Opinion: Protect Wildlife in Montana's Gallatin Range, Billings Gazette

George Wuerthner, Gold Standard for the Gallatins, Outside Bozeman Online

George Wuerthner, Fire/Logging Myths, The Wildlife News

Phil Knight, Yellowstone: Paradise Lost?, Counterpunch

Phil Knight, Our Public Lands Need to be Protected, Not Plundered, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Phil Knight, Going Viral, Counter Punch

Phil Knight, Bozeman's Big Backyard, The Gallatin Range, Outside Bozeman

Anne Millbrooke, This Land is Your Land, New York Times

Anne Millbrooke, Just Say No to eBikes on Public Lands, Counterpunch

Anne Millbrooke, Protect NEPA and Our Public Lands, Bitterroot Star

Past Articles

Michael Ferrentino, Why Wilderness Matters More Than Your Desire To Take It, Mountain Journal

Todd Wilkinson, The New West: Momentous Debate over Gallatin Wilderness, Explore Big Sky

Howie Wolke, A Wild Plan For the Gallatin Range, Wilderness Watch Blog

Louisa Wilcox, Wild Thoughts About the Wild Gallatins, Grizzly Times

Keith McCafferty, The Great Gutkowski, Field & Stream


Protecting Yellowstone, Michael J. Yoshim

Where Roads Will Never Reach, Frederick Harold Swanson

The Big Outside Dave Foreman & Howie Wolke

Granting Bodies

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KD Swan - Gallatin Petrified Forest - ©USFS 1926

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